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Why CBD Is Important After A Workout

An intense workout calls for a mindful and focused recovery. And you may not know that CBD can play a major role in that recovery. In recent years, CBD for workouts has emerged as a source of many potential benefits. From easing pain to rebuilding your muscles, there are a number of reasons you should consider working CBD into your workout recovery routine.


First off, CBD can help with muscle inflammation. It’s not unusual to experience acute muscle inflammation after high-intensity exercise. Exercise tends to cause microscopic damage to muscle fibers, and inflammation helps to repair this damage in the day or two following a workout. But too much inflammation is never a good thing. To prevent excess inflammation and that dreaded next day or 2 day soreness, you may want to turn to CBD. A number of studies have found support for CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, many of which are addressed in a 2020 review published in Sports Med Open. CBD may help your muscles from getting too inflamed, and can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a workout.

Analgesic Effects

That same 2020 review also included a number of studies that found robust evidence for the analgesic (pain-relieving) effects of CBD. Additionally, a 2018 review published in Frontiers in Neurology found evidence that CBD helped decrease pain and improve mobility in people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It’s no secret that even the fittest and most elite athletes still get sore after a good workout. Muscle pain that lasts too long is not only uncomfortable, but can prevent you from reaching your peak performance in future workouts if your body has not recovered fully. Thus, pain relief is a very important part of any workout recovery, and may be enhanced by consuming CBD.

CBD and Protein

CBD is not the only thing you may want to consume after a particularly taxing workout. Combining the potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits of CBD with the muscle preservation and rebuilding benefits of protein can help immensely in providing the best muscle recovery from a tough workout. CBD and protein benefits together can help address many of the pain points and issues your body can face after exercising strenuously.

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