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What makes a great workout recovery protein bar?

The ideal workout recovery bar should actually help you recover after a workout. That probably seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately not every protein bar and supplement on the market contains the best ingredients to aid in your recovery.
So what makes a great workout recovery bar? Read on to find out more about what you should be looking for.


If you are into fitness at all, you probably know that protein after a workout is important.  Protein serves the dual purpose of both decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis. It prevents your muscles from breaking down too much (which can lead to soreness and even injury), while also aiding in building and growing your muscles. 

Not all protein is created equal.  You’ll want to look for a workout recovery bar that has a complete protein profile. That way, you can ensure you’re reaping both the immediate and long-term benefits of protein.  Our CBD protein bars are made with a blend of Whey and Milk protein isolates that contains all 9 essential amino acids: A complete protein profile to promote muscle growth. 


Protein on its own is not enough to optimize your recovery.  Another key component of a great workout recovery bar is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are a macronutrient that are an important source of energy for your body.  This is true especially during workout recovery. Glycogen stores in your muscles get depleted during an intense training session, and need to be replenished to get you ready for your next training session.  Carbs assist with this glycogen resynthesis, helping your muscles recover from a workout.  For a workout recovery bar to really be effective, it needs to contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

Natural sweetener

When it comes to sweeteners, there are so many artificial alternatives out there.  Options like sugar alcohols can be used to make recovery bars that are lower in calories or have no added sugar.  While these may appeal to you for other reasons, they will not necessarily aid in your recovery.  

If you want the best workout recovery bar, you should look for one that is naturally sweetened.  Honey is a perfect sweetener for a protein bar.  It helps to restore the glycogen stores in your muscles that get depleted during a workout.  It also has a low glycemic index, meaning that it won’t cause a “sugar rush” or drastic blood sugar swings like table sugar can.  Additionally, honey contains antioxidant benefits that can help with workout recovery. 

Bonus: CBD

A workout recovery bar doesn’t have to contain CBD, but if it does, it can certainly provide extra benefits.  CBD has a number of properties that can prove beneficial after a workout.  It has analgesic (pain-reducing) effects that can decrease the amount of pain or soreness you experience after a tough workout.  It has been shown to be anti-inflammatory, a perfect counter to the acute muscle inflammation that can occur during high intensity exercise.  And together with protein, it can provide a smoother and easier muscle recovery than recovery without CBD. 

So when a recovery bar includes plenty of protein, carbs, and natural sweetener, and it actually tastes good, you can enjoy it and know it will help with your workout recovery.  For a great bar that brings together all of this, plus full-spectrum CBD for additional benefits, look no further than Elevated Gains.  With 20+ grams of protein, 25 milligrams of CBD, honey as an all-natural sweetener, and CBD for an additional boost, our bars here at Elevated Gains were painstakingly created to include just what you need for optimal recovery, and nothing else. 


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