The Benefits of Honey: Nature’s Healthy Sugar

How much do you really know about honey? Besides the fact that it comes from bees, it’s sweet, and it’s sticky, most people don’t know too much about this naturally sweet ingredient.
Honey actually offers a variety of health benefits to those who consume it regularly. From disease management to post-workout recovery, honey can be extremely beneficial in many different areas of life.
All Elevated Gains protein bars are sweetened with honey, and today’s blog post will give you some insight into why we made that decision. We’re diving deep into all things honey below.

Benefits of Honey

There are numerous reasons you might want to consider adding honey to your diet.  Honey is rich in antioxidants, which help to bolster the body’s immune system and protect you from various infections and diseases. During these cold winter months when the cold and flu tend to spread rapidly, getting enough antioxidants is especially important. 


Honey has also been shown to offer gastrointestinal and cardiovascular benefits to those who consume it.   The antioxidants in honey have been associated with lowered risk of heart disease.  There is also evidence to suggest that honey can ease gastrointestinal issues and symptoms that stem from gastroenteritis.  From your gut to your heart, the benefits of honey are many and varied. 


Additionally, a number of studies have found that honey may have medicinal uses as well, and can help with disease management. Research found that taking 1 tablespoon of honey three times daily helped to ease symptoms and slow the growth of stomach and bone cancer.  And other studies have shown benefits of honey for those suffering from all kinds of diseases, from asthma to diabetes mellitus to neurological disorders.  


Honey After a Workout

Honey can be a useful addition to a post-workout routine as well. Exercise rapidly depletes the glycogen stores in your muscles, and honey helps to replenish those stores.  Carbs post-workout are an important part of recovery. The carbs in honey refuel your body, and by restoring glycogen stores, can prevent soreness and damage. 


Additionally, compared to many other sweeteners, like table sugar, honey has a lower glycemic index.  This means that it won’t cause as drastic of blood sugar swings, so you can avoid the sugar rush and crash other sugars can cause. 

The antioxidants in honey mentioned above can also aid in workout recovery. After an intense workout, the body’s immune system can be in a slightly weakened state, making you more susceptible to disease.  Honey helps to lessen this effect, thus protecting your body from potentially getting sick after a workout while you are still recovering. 

Honey vs. Other Sweeteners

Honey offers a number of health benefits that make it preferable to other sweeteners in many ways. First, it is all-natural, unlike the sugar alcohols and other artificial sweeteners used in many protein bars. It also has a lower glycemic index than table sugar, so it does not cause the extreme blood sugar fluctuations that post-workout foods containing sugar can cause. 


Elevated Gains makes all of our protein bars with no artificial sweeteners.  We know the value of natural, wholesome ingredients for overall health and wellness. Our naturally sweetened protein bars are a great recovery aid after an intense workout. 



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