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The Benefits of CBD and Protein for Workout Recovery 

CBD has really taken off in the last few years, but why did we decide to include it in our workout recovery bars?  Well, protein and CBD can actually work in tandem to provide a better recovery than either could on its own.  If you want the best workout recovery possible to help you elevate your performance, read on to learn all about the benefits of CBD and protein. 

Workout Recovery: Why It Matters

Before we dive into that, let’s start by talking about why workout recovery is so important in the first place. During an intense workout, the glycogen stores and protein in your muscles will get depleted.  Basically, a tough workout saps all the energy from your muscles, which is why you may feel weak or wobbly after working out particularly hard. Along with these effects, intense workouts can also cause inflammation in your muscles. Some inflammation isn’t necessarily bad, but too much can lead to long-term pain and issues.  

To help avoid or combat all the issues described above, you can implement a post-workout routine.  This includes everything from stretching to hydrating to consuming the right foods.  Overall, a good post-workout regime will help to reduce swelling and refuel your muscles.  That’s where CBD and protein come into play. 

Protein and CBD After a Workout

It is well established that consuming an adequate amount of protein after a workout aids in recovery. Just a few of the benefits protein can provide post-workout: 


  • Decreased MPB (muscle protein breakdown) 
  • Increases MPS (muscle protein synthesis) 
  • Increased rate of glycogen store replenishment (when protein and carbs are consumed together)


For those reasons and more, the snacks or meals you consume after a workout should always include protein. 

But protein alone may not get you the best recovery. Adding CBD into your workout recovery as well can help you recover better and faster.  CBD has been shown to have a number of properties that can help to speed up and improve workout recovery. 

One of the biggest of these is anti-inflammation.  As we mentioned above, physical activity can lead to swelling in your muscles, which can lead to bigger issues if not managed correctly.  CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can become especially important during workout recovery.  

CBD helps manage pain as well, so can lessen the muscle soreness you’re feeling after a tough workout. It also has antioxidant properties, so can help to boost your immune system as your body is recovering. Finally, getting good, consistent sleep is a huge key to performing your best and helping your body rebound quickly after a workout.  CBD can aid in sleep and relaxation, helping your health overall and your workout recovery specifically. 

So, CBD and protein each provide huge benefits for your workout recovery.  Put them together, and you’ll recover better than ever before! Consuming something that contains both CBD and protein, like our CBD protein bars, can help speed protein re-synthesis, reduce inflammation, and lead to an overall faster recovery.  If you’ve never considered CBD and protein for workout recovery, now’s the time to rethink that.  Start your CBD protein routine with the best recovery bars out there today.


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