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our story

Hi – I’m Scott, the founder of Elevated Gains.


Elevated Gains recovery bars were born from my own experiences and issues with workout recovery.  After finishing school, I was working my first job and getting back into working out more regularly.  The soreness and trouble recovering that I was experiencing was intense, and it seemed like none of the recovery products on the market helped.  


That is, until I tried CBD.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made: That agonizing pain I’d felt the day after a workout was gone.  I’d always been interested in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and my interest really took off after my own positive experience with CBD for recovery. 


I knew right away that I wanted to help others have this same awesome recovery experience.  And so, Elevated Gains was born in Denver, CO in 2018.


Elevated Gains started as an idea and has undergone many changes over time, but we have never wavered from our mission of helping people have the best workout recovery possible. I’ve personally put in countless hours of research, product testing, and development to ensure we were bringing the best possible recovery bar to the market. 


It can be hard to find recovery bars that offer optimal nutrition and still taste good. Most of the bars on the market are loaded with artificial sugars and a laundry list of ingredients no one understands. We wanted to change that. Our goal was (and still is) to create a protein bar that used fewer and cleaner ingredients while still providing the nutrition necessary to aid recovery after a tough workout.


As we began developing our bars, we knew only the highest-quality CBD would meet our standards. We tested with a wide range of suppliers to find the perfect match for our bars, and finally found that match in Green Cherry Organics. When I first met Brett with Green Cherry Organics and toured their facility, I could tell they were different. Not only do we share a passion for education around hemp products, but he also opened up their doors with full transparency and has qualifications that you just don’t find with other suppliers. (More about Green Cherry Organics below.)


It’s been a wild ride over the past few years, but all the ups and downs have been worth it to produce a bar I am truly proud to share with you all.


Green Cherry Organics, LLC (GCO) is a vertically integrated industrial hemp company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. From humble beginnings in May of 2016, GCO has grown into a pioneer in the domestic hemp industry. From developing the first ever USDA-Certified organic industrial hemp greenhouse, to partnering with prestigious universities to research industrial hemp, to extensive legislative consulting and advocacy. GCO is proud to contribute to beneficial change in the industrial hemp industry. GCO strives to create better hemp, better whole plant products, and better health outcomes for the growing community of hemp enthusiasts. Through our work in hemp genetic research, legislative advocacy, product development and organic hemp production, GCO strives to further the world’s understanding of the hemp plant.


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