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Variety 12-pack

$59.99 or $49.99 / month

Sold Out!

  • 25 mg full-spectrum CBD to help manage inflammation, pain, and sleep quality
  • 20+ G protein per bar
  • 27 g carbs (Sweetened with Honey)
  • 2g fat
  • No artificial sweeteners

Variety 12-pack

Our great-tasting CBD Protein bars are perfect for recovery after an intense workout. With 20+ grams of protein and 25mg of CBD, your body will get just what it’s looking for. Get it at our best price with this twelve pack of protein bars or save even more with a subscription so you never run out.



Sold Out?

Yes. We’re currently sold out of our CBD protein bars while we change some things up. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. Leave us your info so I can reach out to you when they become available.


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