CBD and Sleep

Sleep and relaxation. Two things that are so important for physical and mental health, that so many people struggle with, and that CBD can help to improve or increase.

What makes a great workout recovery protein bar?

The ideal workout recovery bar should actually help you recover after a workout. That probably seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately not every protein bar and supplement on the market contains the best ingredients to aid in your recovery. So what makes a great workout recovery bar? Read on to find out more about what […]

Get Out and Get Active: 5 Great Outdoor Workouts for Spring

Here in Denver, we’re slowly but surely heading towards warmer weather and sunny spring days.  As the winter cold breaks, it’s a great chance to move your workouts outside.  You don’t have to be cooped up in the gym to get in a good workout!  Here are 5 great ways you can work on your […]

Where We Source Our High Quality, Premium CBD: Green Cherry Organics

As we were developing our CBD protein bars, we knew the decision about where to source our CBD from was a hugely important one. It needed to be high quality, from a reputable producer, and meet our high standards across the board. We found all of that and more with Green Cherry Organics! A Little […]

7 Best Ways to Recover After a Workout

No matter what your fitness goals are, if you’re working out on a regular basis you’ll want to make sure you’re doing all you can to optimize your recovery. Helping your body heal and recover is extremely important and can ultimately help you perform your best in the long run. Here are our top 7 […]

CBD, Inflammation, and Exercise: Taking a look at the research

How do CBD, inflammation, and exercise all relate?  You may or may not realize the full extent of CBD’s relationship with both exercise and inflammation.  We’re tying together all 3 and explaining how and why CBD can be helpful after a workout below. Exercise and Inflammation There’s no denying that regular exercise is a net […]

Protein & Carbs To Enhance Workout Recovery

We’ve talked before on the blog about the importance of protein after a workout.  Protein on its own has been shown to have many benefits, but protein together with carbs can have an even greater impact.   Carbohydrates are important after an intense workout, just like protein.  They offer many benefits of their own, as well […]

The Benefits of Honey: Nature’s Healthy Sugar

How much do you really know about honey? Besides the fact that it comes from bees, it’s sweet, and it’s sticky, most people don’t know too much about this naturally sweet ingredient. Honey actually offers a variety of health benefits to those who consume it regularly. From disease management to post-workout recovery, honey can be […]

Why CBD Is Important After A Workout

An intense workout calls for a mindful and focused recovery. And you may not know that CBD can play a major role in that recovery. In recent years, CBD for workouts has emerged as a source of many potential benefits. From easing pain to rebuilding your muscles, there are a number of reasons you should […]

Why Protein Is Important After a Workout

If you’re at all interested in fitness or sports, you’ve likely heard that you should eat protein after a workout. But does it actually matter? The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a bit more nuanced. Read on to find out all about the benefits of protein after a workout. Why Should […]